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About this book

This book provides an undergraduate introduction to analysing data for data science, computer science, and quantitative social science students. It uniquely combines a hands-on approach to data analysis – supported by numerous real data examples and reusable [R] code – with a rigorous treatment of probability and statistical principles. 

Where contemporary undergraduate textbooks in probability theory or statistics often miss applications and an introductory treatment of modern methods (bootstrapping, Bayes, etc.), and where applied data analysis books often miss a rigorous theoretical treatment, this book provides an accessible but thorough introduction into data analysis, using statistical methods combining the two viewpoints. The book further focuses on methods for dealing with large data-sets and streaming-data and hence provides a single-course introduction of statistical methods for data science.


A unique user-friendly software program for state-of-the art statistical analysis of validation data for quantitative and qualitative microbiological methods

What does TriMSA offer?

Statistical analyses

  • For validation data of all relevant validation parameters
  • In compliance with USP and EP
  • Scientifically reviewed by independent experts

Reliable and traceable results

  • Stand-alone analysis with menu-based modules
  • Storing options of analyses settings and results
  • Software development in compliance with GAMP5

Practical features

  • Acceptance of different data formats for statistical analyses
  • Different options for tailor-made analysis